About Me

I grew up in Akron, Ohio.  So I am a mid-western / east coast girl at heart.  But having lived in California since 1985, I’m especially fond of the west coast now and all its beautiful weather and diverse scenery.  Mostly I love the “dry heat” that others cannot tolerate, and the fact we have almost no mosquitoes.  However, every time I travel across the country, I marvel at how beautiful so many different places are.  So I don’t think I can pick a favorite location.  Except Kauai.  Yeah, I definitely love Kauai. 😃

I also grew up as a dancer – ballet, jazz, and all musical theatre style of dance.  If there is a ball involved, I cannot do it.  But if it takes balance, grace, and poise, I’m in.  We have three generations of musical theatre performers in my family now.  I insisted that I would not force that on my three children, but you should see them dance and hear them sing.  Apparently, it was inevitable.  And I love it!

I have been in education for over 22 years now, teaching as well as becoming an administrator in a number of capacities.  So I think it’s natural that I tend to find something to learn in almost everything in life.  I definitely have a passion to inspire our youth to do great things, and become they best they can be, furthering education beyond just academics. Even more than that, it seems to be my career purpose to inspire other educators to do the same thing so our positive influence is multiplied.  We are in the life-changing business, and that’s the most gratifying purpose I can imagine.