Run on the Beach

I cannot think of a more peaceful, beautiful place to run than on the beach in Hawaii.  For about 11 months a year, almost every year, I look around at our regular, daily scenery and think, “Why don’t we live in Hawaii?”  But that’s another topic for another post.  This week, I am actually in… Continue reading

Running Alone

My daughter wore the best tank top the other day when we went for a jog together. It read: “I don’t really like running. I just really like pizza.” We laughed about how we really only run because we like to eat. My shirt would say that I just really like chocolate. That’s all true.… Continue reading

Running Back to the Starting Line

Once upon a time…. I wrote a blog.  I had a whole series of 12 posts actually.  They were not necessarily award-winning.  But I felt they were good enough at the time to share.  I called the whole site “Running Through Life”, and each post had a unique running theme or application to it.  Rather… Continue reading